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In order to understand why you should virtualise, you first need to understand what virtualisation is. Virtualisation uses software that simulates hardware functionality in order to create a virtual system. This practice allows IT organisations to operate Read More
One of the most reputed data management and data storage companies in the UK, Servnet offers Hyper-Convergence services which represent the evolution of infrastructure convergence. These services also deliver simplification... Read More
Businesses generate large amounts of data and data files are changing throughout the workday. Data can be lost, corrupted, compromised or stolen through hardware failure, human error, hacking and malware. Data backup and recovery should be an integral part Read More
The definition of cloud computing itself has dramatically changed over the years, with the fast growth of edge and hybrid cloud adoption. Although still considered an early-stage technology, it’s expected in the coming years the development standard for. Read More
HCI simplifies management, consolidates resources and reduces costs by combining compute, storage and networking into a single system. 1. Is Flexible: Scalability is simplified due to the node-based architecture. Simply add or remove nodes as the demand r Read More
No matter how big an organisation is, security must be unified across the whole workforce, because one error or lapse of judgement can bring a whole enterprise to its knees. Our Security & Compliance solutions have been created to prevent that from happeni Read More
It is estimated that by 2027, global spending on cyber security will reach $10 billion. In this age of IoT, where there is no escaping the internet, it is very important to understand the importance of cyber security and more importantly, the types of cybe Read More
Servnet UK offers a comprehensive list of services to help protect organisations against common online threats. Through our distributors Westcoast, Servnet UK now offers a comprehensive list of services to help protect... Read More
In an age where profile hacks and data breaches are becoming increasingly commonplace, the importance of IT security is at an all time high. Having a robust security solution in place is a crucial element of any modern organisation, Servnet has both the ex Read More
HPE has announced a new platform for mission-critical storage called Primera due to be launched August 2019. The company claims the new offering will bring ‘superior simplicity, availability and performance for mission critical applications and large-sca Read More