Why you should refresh your Business IT infrastructure for 2022

The past year has been tough on many businesses, often testing the infrastructure and systems put in place, often to the limits. As we tentatively look towards what should be a brighter 2022, many organisations are already keen to start capitalising on opportunities to improve efficiency and growth. IT infrastructure options have come a long way since 2019, and now is the ideal time to start identifying which tech options could provide the best benefits if you want to refresh your IT infrastructure for 2022.

Security standards are changing, fast

No matter your business, the need to keep up with the latest security requirements should always be at the top of the priority list. From phishing and DDOS attacks, to ransomware and data breaches, cyber criminals are constantly evolving the ways in which they can exploit existing and old vulnerabilities within a business’ IT infrastructure. If you want to protect your business from the financial loss and reputational damage that can result from a cyber security breach, then assessing and potentially refreshing your existing cyber security systems to a more effective alternative is a good place to start.

Backup is increasingly vital

With data and business-critical information becoming increasingly digital, every organisation today needs to have a reliable backup in place. Losing access to systems and data can be crippling, however, being able to tap into a backup means that you can ensure business continuity no matter what is happening. It’s important to note that cyber criminals are increasingly targeting business back-ups, so it’s essential to ensure that you refresh the approach you take to backing up your systems and data every year so that you always have the best possible protection in place.

Invest in technology to improve productivity and growth

The quality and sophistication of your IT infrastructure will be a big factor in how much scope there is for your business to grow and improve in terms of competitiveness. Out of date systems and old technology can be frustrating for a workforce to use and will hold your organisation back in terms of progress. Taking bold steps and investing in new technology, such as artificial intelligence, can create a competitive advantage. That’s why this is a priority for many enterprises going into next year – in fact, according to one report, a third of technology and service provider organisations intend to invest $1 million or more in AI over the next two years.

Ensure that your IT infrastructure is compliant

Aside from all the potential that refreshing your IT infrastructure has when it comes to evolution and growth within your business, there is also the compliance question to consider. Outdated technology can put compliance status at risk and open up your business to significant fines and penalties. It can also mean that your business gets audited or becomes subject to criminal charges and could even face forced closure or imprisonment for implicated individuals. It doesn’t take long to refresh IT infrastructure for compliance and it’s well worth the effort.

As the year draws to a close, it’s important to look to the future in order to prepare your business for the challenges and areas of growth that will make an appearance over the next year. To find out how the team here at Servnet can help get your IT infrastructure updated and secured for 2022, contact us via email at sales@servnetuk.com or call us on 0800 987 4111 and speak to one of our specialists about the other services we offer.