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Cyber Security as Part of Company Culture

Cyber Security as Part of Company Culture

November 6, 2019  Like By 0 Comments

No matter how big an organisation is, security must be unified across the whole workforce, because one error or lapse of judgement can bring a whole enterprise to its knees. Our Security & Compliance solutions have been created to prevent that from happening, but how do you ensure everyone in your company is adhering to the rules?

Cybercrime is the number one threat to businesses everywhere. Almost everyone is aware of the risks, but daily, thousands of people click on infected links, give out their bank account details to fraudsters and leave their mobile phones on trains or in cabs.

People repeatedly make the same mistakes due to exhaustion or apathy

Just like turning off the lights or making coffee in the morning, cybersecurity should become a routine part of daily life in your company. When systems, procedures and training are in place, it’s easy to make the right decisions. 

How can you create a Culture of Security?

  1. Invest in effective technology- ensure that you get the right software and service for your business.
  2. Strong Leadership- being focused on cyber security is everyone’s responsibility and starts at the top
  3. Value your staff, empower them and celebrate success- share reports about suspicious activity and potential breaches, to show your team that they are making a difference.

Surely Security Software is enough?

According to a 2019 survey conducted by Censuswide, 89% of surveyed organisations in the UK said they had suffered some kind of security breach — 63% had been down to user error.

Embedding a security culture into your organisation is all about minimising mistakes and providing staff with a framework that helps them to make good, informed decisions. Employees aren’t putting their organization at risk on purpose, they simply need to be aware of cybersecurity threats and they need to adapt their behaviour in order to mitigate potential threats.

Understanding phishing attacks, promoting better password management and the basics of encryption are all things employees should be educated about if a company wants them to make better choices in this regard. In this day and age, people should consider cybersafety in the same vein as they do road safety: eminently practical information that every person living in society needs to know.

Final thoughts

When you create a sustainable cybersecurity culture in the workplace, employees learn to understand their role in keeping the organization safe. They’ll accept responsibility and help you work quickly and effectively to remove any threats. The human factor may be the weakest link in security practices, but you can up your chances against cyber threats by investing in the correct software, investing in your employees and making that weakest link your strongest asset.

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