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Data Handling in a Post-GDPR Business Environment

Data Handling in a Post-GDPR Business Environment

February 22, 2019  Like By 0 Comments

While the majority of businesses have a basic understanding of the coming GDPR, it’s vital that you understand exactly how the new regulation will impact day-to-day operations within your business, and the obligations you have as a data controller or data processor.


The most important, immediate distinguishing factor to acknowledge is the position that you hold in the eyes of the new GDPR. A data processor is anybody who processes data on behalf of the controller. While the concept of a data processor remains unchanged for the new GDPR, their responsibilities and the steps they must take to ensure compliance have been escalated.

If this is not you, you are likely a data controller. If you are unsure, here’s how you can find out. Do you keep or process any information about living people? If you do, you are a data controller. So, what does this mean?


The chances are, if you are a data processor, you will already be assessing and implementing new data management policies in preparation for the new GPDR. However, there are a number of businesses that are data controllers, who are not aware of their responsibilities, or do not understand their role in the new GDPR.

As a data controller, it is vital that you keep detailed records on the origin of your data records, as well as ensuring that you have consent to maintain that data and are only using the records under the record owners consent. The easiest way to ensure that you are fully compliant is to contact record holders and inform them of the data you are currently holding for that record, and ask for confirmation as to whether they give consent for you to maintain those records, and let them know the intended use of the data.

If you are unsure at all about your role as a business or as a data controller or processor, the best option is to contact a specialist who will be able to explain in detail the steps you will need to take to ensure compliance. To find out more, read through the ICO’s GDPR overview here, or speak to a member of our solutions team today on 0845 075 5566.

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