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Disaster Recovery as a Service


Enabling continuous data replication of business systems to a cloud platform in the event of DR.

Servnet’s Cloud DR service enables organisations to protect their critical business systems using a service which continuously replicates live servers from the customer’s premises to Servnet’s own cloud platform.

In the event of a disaster scenario, customers can invoke a pre-defined DR plan which will enable them to remotely connect and access their data even in the event of a full site disaster.

Physical server support

Some DR solutions only support your virtual machines, but what about your physical servers?

Our Cloud DR service supports replication of both virtual and physical machine sources using popular operating systems such as Windows and Linux, meaning customers can consolidate and simply their DR strategy using one solution.

Peace of Mind

You never know when a failure might occur, so we are always ready

Servnet provide a highly available cloud platform which is monitored and managed 24/7 to ensure effective and continuous replication of data between a customers live and failover system along with dedicated support assistance to help customers at that crucial moment of service failover as well as possible service failback.

Why Servnet?

    • Enabling businesses to recover their systems quickly, using up to date live data
    • 24/7 Monitoring
    • DR Testing – ensure failover processes will work when it matters
    • Secure – All data is encrypted to ensure it is protected in-transit to the cloud platform
    • Fast Performance – We enable fast compute & storage for critical business systems
    • Our service is operated from Tier 3+ UK datacentres with 99.9% availability