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Hardware Maintenance & Support

Protect your global mission-critical, non-critical and disaster recovery IT assets while getting the most out of your OPEX and CAPEX using Servnet’s adaptive hardware maintenance & support services.


IT leaders know they can’t afford even a moment of unplanned downtime. The expectations, once for four-nines uptime, have expanded to six-nines in many cases, and the cost of outages has spread to over $300,000 per hour, according to Gartner. We offer hardware maintenance with proactive monitoring and predictive support, which delivers insight into the pre-downtime signs of hardware-related failures.


Vendor independent hardware maintenance & support services for all tier-one vendor storage technology including current and legacy EMC. HP, NetApp, Sun Microsystems, Oracle, Dell, Dell Equalogic and IBM.


Vendor independent hardware maintenance & support for HP, Dell, IBM, Oracle and Sun Microsystems server equipment. Unique and bespoke SLA’s available include remote monitoring, diagnosis and repair.


Co-branded or vendor independent hardware maintenance & support options for your Cisco, HP, Riverbed, Extreme, Juniper, Palo Alto or Brocade network infrastructure. Co-branded Cisco services include software downloads and Cisco TAC access at a fraction of the cost.

Proactive Fault Detection

A revolutionary new remote service that can be fully integrated with our hardware maintenance plans. The service proactively identifies hardware faults 24/7 and significantly improves the speed and accuracy of problem resolution.

Hardware Support Portfolio

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Fast Response Time

That deliver data services, resiliency, and QoS, enabling faster, better, and simplified delivery of virtual desktops, business-critical applications, remote office infrastructure, and more.

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