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How can your business prepare in advance against cyber threats?

How can your business prepare in advance against cyber threats?

April 19, 2019  1 By 0 Comments

Cyber threats increase by the day. Already, in 2018, we have seen some very significant security situations, such as the compromise of India’s vast one billion person public database Aadhaar. 2017 was also a bumper year for cyber threats, including the WannaCry ransomware that crippled the NHS. Given the increase in volume in these types of threats, what can your business do to prepare in advance?

Address the employee issue

Your employees could be your most effective tool in the battle against cyber threats but also a major vulnerability. It’s crucial to ensure that you have given employees enough training to be able to identify a potential threat to the business. That could be something as simple as not clicking on a link that has come from a suspicious looking account, or a fraud that is specific to the employee’s role, such as invoicing fraud. Training should also give employees an idea of key steps to take if they believe that they’re looking at a potential cyber threat.

Maintain IT infrastructure

Ensuring that the systems you’re using are up to date will give you baseline protection against cyber attack. Many exploitable vulnerabilities are the result of out of date software or versions used that aren’t patched or current. So, it’s crucial to introduce a system of IT maintenance that ensures everything, including antivirus protection, is being regularly updated.

Ensure data back up

There is no real excuse for not backing up critical data in this day and age. An effective back up will ensure business continuity in the event of a cyber attack and will give your organisation the security of knowing that key data is effectively protected. It’s not advisable to rely purely on physical data back up (for example removable drives) – some form of digital data back up is also key to delivering optimum security.

Plan for disaster recovery

Effective disaster recovery planning is crucial to enabling the business to cope with a potential cyber attack. The key feature in ensuring that cyber threats don’t have a negative impact on business continuity is the speed at which they are dealt with. Where there is effective disaster recovery in place, action can be taken immediately. Key people understand what is required of them and at what point in the process they need to act. Although it’s not possible to prevent a cyber attack occurring, if you’re ready when it does then you can minimise its impact.

Take specialist advice

Working with IT security consultants can provide specialist insight into the best way to prepare in advance for cyber threats – for your individual business. Bespoke advice and planning can take into account how the most up to the minute cyber threats might be used against your operations and how you can take steps to avoid a truly devastating impact.

At Servnet we deliver effectively managed and proactive cyber-security measures that provide businesses with a way to cope with the ever-evolving world of IT development – and the threats that arise within it. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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