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The definition of cloud computing itself has dramatically changed over the years, with the fast growth of edge and hybrid cloud adoption. Although still considered an early-stage technology, it’s expected in the coming years the development standard for both enterprise and consumer applications will shift from cloud-enabled to cloud-native.

Solutions that answer questions around data control, compliance and user security will be the driving force behind businesses adopting cloud solutions. Machine learning, predictive analysis and artificial intelligence are set to provide new levels of security and accelerate the number of large-scale, highly distributed deployments.

Delivering your business systems from the cloud

Servnet’s Cloud Compute service provides a highly available and highly scalable cloud platform from which to host your business servers and services. The cloud platform enables businesses to transition from traditional on-premise infrastructure, which can be expensive to implement and complex to maintain, to a flexible, scalable, secure managed hosting platform which supports your mobile workforce. In addition to providing enhanced functionality and tangible business benefits, ORIIUM’s cloud platform is charged on an Op Ex monthly basis dependent upon consumption which removes the need for significant capital expenditure

Versatile platform to meet your performance demands

The Cloud Compute solution enables you to tweak the resources allocated to your services based on the performance required. For example, our performant storage option can deliver up to 30k IOPs, enabling businesses to run high demand tasks and workloads which can be traditionally only available from on-premise configurations.

Accessible always, from anywhere

We use fast links and multiple data centres accredited to Tier 3 + standards to ensure great connectivity and data redundancy. All access to our cloud services use encrypted connections and connectivity can be controlled and delivered centrally via a fixed VPN from single or multiple customer locations. Our customers and their staff can also utilise software-based VPN clients on their devices to securely connect to compute services from anywhere allowing for more flexible mobile connectivity.

Tailored solution design

Because infrastructure and configurations vary from one organisation to the next, the ORIIUM team engages with our customers to understand your business requirements and cloud aspirations in order to design the best solution fit for your needs.

Predictable costs

Our Compute platform is simple to configure and provides predictable monthly billing, ensuring you don’t get any nasty surprises.

As we move into a new decade, it’s important to move your business forward too. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you.

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