Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

The Infrastructure Challenge

Ageing hardware ... scope new requirement ... source suppliers and quotes ... procure and await delivery ... perform installation ... set up network configuration ... patch new infrastructure ... operational readiness test ... document configuration ... prepare for service outage ... Migrate workload ... continue service

At end of hardware lifecycle, start from step 1.      

Add to this:

  • ongoing maintenance and upgrades
  • servicing component failure
  • managing support tickets
  • ensuring hardware/software compatibility
  • performing firmware updates
  • and monitoring data center resources

and it is clear that a significant amount of work is involved in provisioning and maintaining your own infrastructure. Businesses have to ensure that they are well staffed with skilled IT personnel, to cope with the workload to ensure that there is no disruption to service delivery.

Finally, Businesses also have to be prepared for unplanned cost. Running your own infrastructure often means that there are risks that Businesses have to accept with additional expenditure as and when required. How much and how often is what you will never be prepared for.

Our core strengths include:

  • Simple transparent pricing model with no hidden fees
  • Multi-Vendor approach
  • Configurable packages at a fraction of the cost in comparison to acquiring new software and infrastructure.
  • Tier 3 data centers that are built to ISO:27001 security standards
  • Data centers that are located within the United Kingdom to avoid issues with sovereignty
  • Fully managed and monitored by a team of experienced and certified experts
  • Reduced business risk through off-site redundancy
  • 24/7 Support
  • Scalable solutions to meet current and future requirements

Why Servnet Infrastructure as a Service?

  • No Charges for Data Movement

  • No specialist skills require

  • No Charges for support

Infrastructure as a Service through Servnet is designed to evolve your digital experience. Providing you with a cyber resilient platform provisioned from Tier 3 rated Data Centers with optimised cloud connectivity, this service will offer customers a seamless experience of being connected anytime, from anywhere.

These data centers that bring you IaaS (as well as colocation services) are ISO 27001 certified, PCI-compliant and are secured to UK government IL4 standard and will ensure your environment is protected by exceptional levels of security at all times.

With expert support covering a wide area of skill set, our support team are always available 24/7/365 to help resolve any issues you encounter. As part of the initial scope, they are also there to ensure environment sizing and compatibility prior to on-boarding, following through to migration and knowledge transfer.

Key aspect of enhancing your digital experience is to ensure that you focus on service delivery and not managing infrastructure. To that extent, creating and administering virtual machines and applications on this IaaS platform has been simplified through a self-service web portal that requires minimal effort or skills.

But the beauty of IaaS is not just about running your applications and services on our infrastructure and reducing your workload. The true benefit of IaaS is about making IT predictable. Using the economies of scale, our IaaS platform has ample infrastructure, space, staff, skill set, experience, vendor relations and bandwidth to manage multiple customer environments at a fraction of the cost that an individual customer might otherwise have to bear. Taking on the risk of unexpected maintenance, upgrades or specialist skill sets required from time to time, also mitigates against unnecessary expenditure that a customer would otherwise have to consider. This also allows us to predict cost per virtual machine based on compute or capacity required, giving customers the benefit of a predictable cost structure, and hence a better control over IT budgets.


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