Office 365 Backup

Back up all elements of Office 365 to ensure that your business operations are consistent and protected, including:

Back up Microsoft 365 Teams

Backup includes everything, from team sites and mailboxes to meetings and the team's name, member list, channels and content. The benefit of backup is that it’s simple to swiftly restore an entire team, team mailbox, a team channel or file, as well as folders and messages.

Back up Microsoft 365 Exchange Online

Creating a secure backup for Microsoft Exchange Online means that everything is covered, from emails to attachments. No matter how you use Exchange, a secure backup will ensure you continue to have access even in a catastrophe, whether you are using contacts, archive mailboxes, calendars, or group mailboxes. You will not only be able to instantly get to the data you need but also be able to use key functions, such as downloading attachments and previewing email content.

Back up Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online & Microsoft 365 OneDrive

Back up Microsoft SharePoint Online site collections, team sites, communication sites and all access permissions settings. Granularly recover all critical items and download files directly from the backup if nessesary.

This backup covers all data, including access permissions. Plus, you can download files straight from backup to use instantly so that continuity is not interrupted.


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