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Panzura Transforms Oracle Cloud Storage into a Globally Distributed File System

Panzura Transforms Oracle Cloud Storage into a Globally Distributed File System

October 2, 2015  Like By 0 Comments

Panzura announced that it will support Oracle Cloud Storage Service. Panzura’s software layer will transform Oracle Cloud Storage into a globally distributed file system. With the new Panzura support, customers will be able to collaborate at distributed offices and Oracle Cloud Storage can now be used as primary storage, not just for disaster recovery and backup.

Oracle Cloud Storage Service is an object storage solution that has Capacity On Demand, which helps to eliminate storage hardware planning. By adding a software layer on top, Panzura is able to make Oracle Cloud Storage into a global file locking, global data deduplication, immediate consistency, and a global namespace. Enterprises will be able to treat their globally dispersed offices as a single location. 

With the Panzura software layer, Oracle Storage Cloud Service across a wide area network functions the same as on-premise storage across a local area network. However, unlike a normal local storage, Oracle with Panzura will be infinitely scalable, have better costs, and be more secure. And Panzura will be able to collapse all tiers of file storage in all locations reducing total storage footprint by up to 90%.

Panzura enables Oracle Storage Cloud Service to be the storage fabric that solves cross-site collaboration issues with latency and bandwidth sensitive applications.  Panzura claims they can reduce sync time across distrusted sites from 20 minutes down to 10 seconds, making collaborations appear as if they are happening in the same room. Panzura has been able to enable collaboration in up to 256 different sites at once in one customer case.

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