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ParkView™ Proactive Monitoring Service


ParkView™ is a revolutionary remote service that can be fully integrated with our maintenance plans. ParkView™ proactively identifies hardware faults 24/7 and significantly improves the speed and accuracy of problem resolution.

If you’re looking to maximise uptime, ParkView™ is a game changer with plenty of upside.

Extremely Secure – We set up security features based on each customer’s individual security requirements, and we ensure that non-public data is never accessed or transmitted

Non-disruptive – Automated detection and ticket creation enables your IT staff to focus on other data centre priorities

Fully Supported – ParkView™ supports all storage, server and networking equipment and all OEM vendors currently supported by Park Place Technologies

Easy Implementation – ParkView™ is packaged as a value-added service for supported storage systems and includes a consultative implementation with your IT staff

Full Visibility – Customers will have both online and mobile access to data centre hardware status, events and inventories

Proactive Fault Detection – ParkView™ proactively identifies faults 24/7 without the need for customer action of any kind

Faster Response and Resolution Times – Once a fault is detected, ParkView™ instantly self-creates a ticket for immediate repairs

Accurate Part Identification – Each generated ticket includes machine type, asset serial number, part number and fault description

Faster First-Time Fixes – More informed alerts result in better-prepared responses and a greater percentage of first-time fixes

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