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Servnet is proud to sponsor SERV Kent Bloodrunners

Servnet is proud to sponsor SERV Kent Bloodrunners

June 5, 2018  Like By 0 Comments

SERV Kent, “Service by Emergency Response Volunteers”, also referred to as the “Bloodrunners”, is a charity that delivers blood products, samples and other patient essential items in emergency situations to major hospitals and hospices in Kent. Servnet is proud to sponsor them as they provide a vital service which we are keen to support.

Why did we choose to sponsor SERV Kent?

Servnet decided to sponsor SERV Kent due to their commitment to complete deliveries using their own resources – other ways of transport would create extra challenges and expenses. Their motto is #itswhatwedo and every one of their team members is committed to helping save lives. By providing an alternative solution for delivering blood, they free up other emergency services to focus on their core responsibilities.

The alternative service SERV Kent provides is essential to helping our emergency services operating effectively. Our sponsorship allows us to help the many volunteers continue with their good work transporting lifesaving items – day or night, rain or shine – to ensure patients get the medical attention they need.

How much have they done?

In 2017 the charity had 3,635 total runs which included a number of different deliveries varying from 20 milk runs to 57 transplant runs which demonstrates the productivity of this charity as they assist people in numerous situations. The volunteers go directly to the donor’s house in order to make the delivery even more efficient and ensuring that it is quick to get to its destination. Without SERV Kent there would be a lack of blood product deliveries which would result in using up more hospital resources and other patient care facilities. SERV Kent is recognised by major hospitals as an essential service.

Servnet continues to support SERV Kent

We are delighted to have the opportunity to offer our support to help SERV Kent continue to make a difference in people’s lives. They rely solely on donations, sponsorships and volunteers in order to continue their good work. The work they do has, and will, continue to benefit a large number of people. To find out more about this charity visit

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