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What are the benefits of virtualising your IT infrastructure?

What are the benefits of virtualising your IT infrastructure?

April 22, 2019  Like By 0 Comments

Virtualised IT infrastructure is increasingly being used across a very wide range of sectors, from finance through to fashion and food. It is a virtual computer system that uses software to simulate the functions and systems of hardware to enable multiple apps and operating systems to be run on a single server to leverage economies of scale and efficiency. Virtualised IT has a lot of advantages, especially for smaller businesses with more restricted budgets – these are just a few of the benefits available to any enterprise that opts to virtualise.

Ensuring business continuity

When everything is virtualised it makes it much easier to get systems up and running again after an incident or attack. Virtualisation provides instant failover abilities and extensive back up. Even if one virtualised server fails there is a second to pick up where the other left off and ensure that operations can continue. Disruption to business continuity can be fatal to an enterprise in many ways, from reputation to cost, and virtualising IT infrastructure ensures that continuity is a priority.

Appropriate scalable resources

Thanks to economies of scale, virtualisation enables businesses to access advanced IT infrastructure to a specification that fits an individual business. If that need increases then virtualised infrastructure can be easily scaled up in a way that is just not possible, cost-effectively, with physical infrastructure. The same is true if demand drops – it’s simple to streamline and cut costs by reducing the infrastructure in place. With virtualisation, businesses have exactly the resources that are required with no wastage.

Greater security coverage

From firewalls to restricted access, a myriad of different security solutions are available for virtualised IT infrastructure. Concerns about the security of switching from hardware solutions are no longer problematic because, in many cases, the use of a virtualised IT infrastructure reduces risk and improves security standards. Working with an expert third party provider ensures that the latest security innovation and updates are applied and the use of tools such as automation can increase visibility and security across systems and networks.

Cost efficiency and eco credentials

Virtualised systems use less power and take up less space than their hardware counterparts. This not only helps to reduce the impact that a business has on the environment but also significantly cuts the cost burden that many businesses face when it comes to IT. Virtualised IT infrastructure has a much smaller carbon footprint because so many resources are shared and costs, such as maintenance and service staff, are significantly reduced.

Exceptional service

When you’re working with a virtualised IT provider you are usually guaranteed an upgrade when it comes to service and support. The breadth and depth of expertise and experience available via a third party provider almost always eclipses that which is affordable in-house. So, by making the switch to virtualisation, the business will also improve the IT support it receives.

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