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What are the benefits to using cloud and managed services?

What are the benefits to using cloud and managed services?

March 30, 2019  Like By 0 Comments

Cloud network infrastructure is on the rise, with most businesses using cloud technology within their businesses, often without even realising it. Moving away from storing data simply on internal hardware and into the cloud has provided a number of benefits to companies looking for new ways of working, for example:

Cutting-edge technology

Cloud-based infrastructures often boast cutting-edge technology that allows you to focus on the more important areas of your business. It provides better functionality, including the latest in hyper-converged solutions which consolidate all functionality into a single stack for greater efficiency and centralised management abilities. This allows a more customised solution to be created depending on the bespoke requirements of the customer and setup.

Backups and greater recovery

Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) is a key part of any IT infrastructure, as it lays out the procedures and responsibilities in the event of downtime due to a disaster (such as hardware damage, or a data breach). Cloud-based Disaster Recovery as a Solution (DRaaS) enables data to be replicated between virtual machines easily, either for cloud-to-cloud or client-to-cloud. This speeds up the recovery process and RTO (return to operation) time should downtime occur.

Virtual working and flexibility

Private hosting offers companies the ability to allow employees to work from home, using a virtual, or Cloud Desktop(DaaS) solution. This can reduce office costs for companies looking to have a more flexible workforce, and can be a desirable employee benefit too, for the flexibility it offers and the time and cost savings for each employee personally instead of commuting on those days. It also allows employees to work from any location with internet, increasing productivity on-the-go, such as between meetings.

Secure hosting

Did you know that cloud and managed services can also increase your network security? Cloud solutions allow stronger control over permissions and Servnet are experienced providers of data protection compliant solutions to a wide range of sectors. In fact, security can be managed as a service, ensuring that the highest levels of protection and monitoring are in place at all times, within an affordable and fully-managed solution.

To find out more about Servnet’s cloud and managed services, give our expert team a call today on 0845 075 5566.

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