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What is the role of a DRP within business today?

What is the role of a DRP within business today?

March 20, 2019  Like By 0 Comments

Cyber-attacks are becoming more and more prevalent in the digital age that we live in. As technology continuously innovates, this poses new risks to businesses at all times, that can each lead to disastrous downtime. It is critical for your business to be able to protect against downtime, as this can cause your customers to experience service interruptions, lose trust in your brand, and even take legal action if their data becomes compromised.

Getting your Disaster Recovery Plan set up

Downtime is perhaps the largest threat to your business and this makes disaster recovery an integral part of your business’ risk management and planning. A DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) assesses the risks across your organisation, both internally and externally, and identifies areas that are likely to be of concern. This allows you to create a plan against potential risk and implement processes in the event that downtime does occur.

The aims of a Disaster Recovery Plan

A DRP reduces downtime and ensures businesses that should unavoidable downtime occur, the return to operation (RTO) time is as quick as possible. It could include things like regular backups being taken, assigning specific tasks to different members of staff, and ensuring that data is stored in the cloud and therefore still accessible if hardware is damaged.

Why is DRaaS useful?

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) allows for companies to rely on expert recovery in a timely manner should downtime occur and data need to be recovered. Customers can benefit from their own assigned DRaaS specialist who can replicate and restore environments with ease, and improve their overall recovery time.

Data Management and Storage

Data Management has never been more important than with the pending GDPR – so it’s important that you have the strongest DRP in place to ensure greater recoverability in the event of a disaster that causes downtime.

Speak to one of the Servnet team today to discuss how our data management experts can create a bespoke disaster recovery plan to provide the fastest possible return to operation time. Give us a call today on 0845 075 5566 to find out more.

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