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Work from Home is suddenly the new normal

Work from Home is suddenly the new normal

January 8, 2021  Like By 0 Comments

VDI has become paramount amidst Coronavirus pandemic.

How do CIO’s pivot to deliver a work-at-home plan now that CEO’s and boards of Directors are demanding it? Prior to COVID-19, it might have seemed impossible, but as it has become the new normal, every company needs a well thought out work at home and business continuity plan.

Coronavirus has forced a global work-from-home culture which has global technology implications. Increased demands for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and Desktop as a Service (DaaS) are being seen around the world. The trend for remote work has increased exponentially recently, mimicking the evolution of the pandemic in all the affected countries

Companies that value the health and safety of their employees and obeying the law, are embracing VDI solutions to keep business going. Every company has a unique set of critical applications; now they need to access those applications remotely.

Many companies might already have remote access solutions like VPN in place, however some applications don’t work well over VPN connections and the company may not be able to scale the in place solutions to accommodate the entire work force.

VDI is suddenly prevalent to enable a virtual desktop for users and providers have had to implement solutions in days not months. Providers are also looking at how they sell licences. As it has become vital for infrastructures to be able to flex, some are considering selling call centre licences that come with a corresponding licence at home, for example.

The coronavirus has caused all companies from small businesses to Fortune 100 behemoths to “rethink their strategies” and invest in technologies like Citrix and Microsoft to enable remote work-from-anywhere solutions. Too often, DR [disaster recovery]gets put on the back-burner because it costs too much money. Now those companies that put it off are getting bitten badly by the coronavirus. It’s only when a catastrophic event happens that things change.

Remote workforce solutions like VMware, Citrix, Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop and Amazon Web Services Workspaces are soaring in the wake of the coronavirus.

VDI delivers workforce transformation, by enabling users without compromising security or high-quality end user experience and streamlining IT resources and management.

VDI cloud solutions can be deployed rapidly and effectively in a situation that is evolving fast, enables scalable on demand usage, is globally available, and more importantly, requires no upfront investment. As well, when this current crisis passes, the services can be shutdown, if required.

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