Backup & Data Recovery


Loss or corruption of data could result in significant business disruption and loss of revenues

Businesses generate large amounts of data and data files are changing throughout the workday. Data can be lost, corrupted, compromised or stolen through hardware failure, human error, hacking and malware.  Data backup and recovery should be an integral part of the business continuity plan and information technology disaster recovery plan.

Servnet can assist business’s develop a data backup strategy, which begins with identifying what data to backup, selecting and implementing hardware and software backup procedures, scheduling and conducting backups and periodically validating that data has been accurately backed up.


A comprehensive disaster recovery plan can get your whole environment up and running within minutes

For clients wishing to own and manage and own their disaster recovery infrastructure, we assist by planning, developing and adopting an off-site IT disaster recovery position using both physical and virtualised environments.

Through our extensive knowledge and experience, we help customers create a DR service that provides continuous data protection of critical applications, application data and infrastructure with a 15-minute service level recovery point objective.

Types of Backup solutions

There are multiple types of backup solutions and tools available on the market that deliver different Recovery Point Objective (RPOs), Recovery Time Objective (RTOs), and handle different scopes.

  • Hardware Appliances
  • Software Solutions
  • Cloud Services
  • BaaS
  • Hybrid Data Backup Solutions


Backup Storage

  • Data Backup to Local or USB Disks
  • Data Backup to Network Shares and NAS
  • Data Backup to Tapes
  • Data Backup to Cloud Storage

The importance of investing in Backup and Recovery 

Primary data failure can happen to any organisation, whether as a result of a security breach, accidental deletion or an equipment failure, such as corruption of software issues. It can be a serious challenge to business continuity where no backup and recovery process is in place. Reputational damage, customer complaints and a loss of business are just some of the potential consequences.

Effective backup and recovery helps to avoid this situation by creating data copies that can be accessed where there has been a primary data failure. These copies are stored separately so that they will remain unaffected by an event, such as corruption, that has impacted primary data. Backup could be something as straightforward as using a USB stick or a more complex setup where copies of data are held at alternative locations.

It’s not enough to make backup copies once - this should be a continuous, regular process so that the volume of data recovered is as recent as possible. If long gaps are left between backups then this increases the potential for a greater amount of lost data. If your business is affected by a malicious attack or a hardware failure, having multiple backups to work with ensures that you can instantly restore your data to a state it was in before that event occurred.


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