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The history of cybersecurity

Do you remember a time before cybersecurity? In the past decade we have become so dependent on technology systems and devices that, for many of us, it’s hard to remember when protecting these wasn’t integral to life and progress. But cybersecurity isn’t purely a modern invention - it has been around ever since the first computers started handling data.

What are common mistakes made when looking for an IT Service Provider?

Working with an IT service provider offers a vast range of benefits for any business. However, accessing these will depend to a certain extent on the provider that you choose. When you’re trying to find the right partner for your organisation it’s vital to ensure that you avoid some of the most common mistakes that many people make when it comes to looking for an IT service provider.

Common misconceptions about the cloud

The cloud has a vast range of benefits and has transformed the way that many businesses function today. However, many people still have hesitations when it comes to migrating key services and systems into a cloud environment. For most businesses it will make sense to take advantage of everything the cloud has to offer. But that may mean overcoming some common misconceptions about the cloud first.

“Cloud services are too expensive”

Why business continuity and disaster recovery are vital

When it comes to planning for the future, business continuity and disaster recovery are both vital for any enterprise. Whether your organisation is hit with a cyber attack, or responding to a physical event, if you don’t have any strategic planning in place then the outcomes can be catastrophic. Business continuity and disaster recovery are two ends of the same spectrum - and if you’re going to ensure a comprehensive approach for your business then you need to have both.

Business continuity and disaster recovery

How can Microsoft 365 back-up provide peace of mind for your business?

Microsoft 365 (previously Office 365) has become the go to for a very broad spectrum of businesses, especially in recent years when there has been a switch to more remote working. In fact, it is now the most popular enterprise cloud service by user count. As a result, a  back-up for Microsoft 365 is vital and, more often than not, the most effective back-up is going to be a third party one. These are the ways in which ensuring you have this kind of back-up in place can provide peace of mind for your business.

How does cyber security help SMEs to stay secure?

Cyber security isn’t just something that large organisations need to invest in. With the number of cyber attacks increasing yearly against SMEs - 43% now target small businesses -, having adequate security in place when it comes to digital systems is vital. Not only can you protect your business from disruption and data loss and theft but this will help to ensure legal compliance too. So how does cyber security help SMEs to stay secure?

Establishing cyber security for your business

Why you should be storing your business data electronically

Electronic data storage is well established as a best practice for any organisation going forward, no matter what size or stage of development the business is at. Even if there are some documents or files that you want to keep paper copies of it’s still important to ensure that data has an electronic home too. If you haven’t yet invested in electronic business data storage then there are lots of questions to consider, such as how your business would survive if an event - such as a flood - destroyed all physical documents.

What's behind the global chip shortage?

The global chip shortage has had a huge impact on businesses and consumers - and been almost constantly in the headlines over the past year or so. It has been difficult to get away from the effect this has had, whether that’s on the price of technology or the availability of products. So, it’s been headline news for some time but what has been behind the global chip shortage and what are the prospects going forward?

What caused the global chip shortage?

Why you should refresh your Business IT infrastructure for 2022

The past year has been tough on many businesses, often testing the infrastructure and systems put in place, often to the limits. As we tentatively look towards what should be a brighter 2022, many organisations are already keen to start capitalising on opportunities to improve efficiency and growth. IT infrastructure options have come a long way since 2019, and now is the ideal time to start identifying which tech options could provide the best benefits if you want to refresh your IT infrastructure for 2022.

Security standards are changing, fast

How is cyber security evolving?

Cyber security has become an increasingly complex and sophisticated area in recent years. While the extent and nature of threats continues to evolve, the market is also being driven by the increasing reliance of organisations on tech, the way that tech is changing at speed, as well as the constantly shifting landscape of regulation and red tape. This makes it essential to stay on top of how cyber security is evolving.