Colocation Services

A colocation data centre is a physical facility that provides computing hardware and servers with adequate power, cooling, and security. This capacity ranges from cabinets to cages to private suites.

Colocation providers frequently lease space to tenants seeking colocation services, such as network providers, cloud providers, and enterprises. These tenants can then connect to one another and conduct business within the colocation data centre. This enables businesses to centralise their IT operations and build a cost-effective architecture.

Colocation Benefits

  • Reliability – Colocation offers cooling systems, power and communication systems.
  • Better Connectivity – Colocation centres have fully redundant network connections.
  • Increased Network Connectivity – Data centres have excellent network security, including the most recent firewalls and intrusion detection systems to detect and prevent unauthorised access to their customers’ systems.
  • Redundant Power Supply – Power redundancy through top-tier systems.
  • Physical Security – Data centres provide higher levels of physical protection and enforce increased measures for securing data.
  • Scalability – Colocation allows your company to scale up or down quickly and efficiently while only paying for the space and bandwidth it requires.
  • A step towards the cloud – colocation provides a way to transition towards the cloud.