Global IT Supply Chain

Global businesses face greater risks in their supply chains. Our solution is to standardize your IT across geo-dispersed locations, enabling you to drive an agile global business. We provide a robust end-to-end solution that ensures seamless delivery of IT services and products to your users.

Importer Of Record Service

An IOR service is necessary if you intend to import items on a global scale. You won’t be able to do this yourself unless you have a physical presence or representative with significant import experience within the nation you are importing to.

With our specialised IOR service, we handle the legal aspects of importing goods, ensuring that you do not suffer any unneeded expenses or fines.

You may be sure that all procedures will be carried out in accordance with the law of the nation you are importing products into when you use our IOR service.

Ship Globally With Servnet

  • Door-to-door (DDP) solution for the deployment of IT hardware globally
  • Our partner acts as Importer of Record, and will take on full risk and responsibility for the shipment
  • Our partner will handle all customs compliance requirements and apply for any necessary documents in our name
  • Access to an online platform and App, where you can pull quotes and receive upfront costing (including Duties & Taxes), as well as estimated lead times and additional shipping information.
  • Project-based Operating
  • The service requires little involvement from you.
  • You will have a dedicated account manager to ensure that all shipments run smoothly.