Can your company survive the perfect storm?

Navigating Increased Cyber Attacks and IT Skills Shortage. Protect Your Data…

It’s 2023 and the demand for IT support is increasing at a rate of knots…

This is no surprise – with technology playing an increasingly important role across all industries, IT talent is being sought by businesses both big and small. What’s more, the emergence and rapid evolution of AI, blockchains and the Internet of Things has meant that in-house IT professionals on the frontlines are needing to up-skill fast (or have themselves and their employers left at a disadvantage).  More than ever before, keeping abreast of an ever-changing technological landscape will take an approach of consistent learning… now and in the years to come.


But what happens if the demand for skilled IT professionals outstrips supply?

There is little doubt that the changes to UK immigration policy have had an impact on the recruitment of international talent nationwide – including making it more difficult for some companies to hire IT professionals from overseas.


‘Companies having to ‘make do’ with limited IT support could cause a ripple effect on cyber security.’ Servnet. 


This is just one factor, but coupled with the constant need for IT talent to upskill, retrain along the emergence of new tech, this could be the cause of why demand may ultimately outstrip supply in 2023 and beyond. Without the right infrastructure, resource and skills, businesses could be faced with the following:

  • An increase in vulnerabilities caused by a lack of appropriate security measures and protocols
  • Not keeping up with compliance, including data protection laws and regulations – leading to legal and reputation issues
  • Delayed response to or an inability to detect threats. Lack of resources could mean that any threats to cyber security are not responded to in a timely and effective way.


‘Now is not the time for UK businesses to become complacent when it comes to cyber security.’ Servnet


In truth, the skills shortage + increased in cyberattacks = heightened security risk dichotomy couldn’t happen at a worse time. Now, more than ever it is of the upmost importance that businesses baton down the hatches and maintain good cybersecurity.

The global mass digitising of businesses – including more devices being connected to networks and an increase in remote workers  – means there is a significant increase in the potential attack surface and ‘opportunity’ for cybercriminals. This, along with cyberattacks becoming more sophisticated every day, means that there is a very real threat to sensitive data, a potential for disruption in operations, and a higher risk of money extortion.


Even the most ‘secure’ businesses are being successfully cyber attacked…

It was reported in the press that high street retailer WH Smith was recently targeted by hackers who were able to access company data – including employee names, addresses, dates of birth and national insurance numbers. This was not an isolated incident, it came amid a wave of other cyber attacks in recent months, including Royal Mail’s international postal service and an attack on the data of retailer JD Sports.

Companies should not simply ‘make – do’ when it comes to cybersecurity, there is a much better solution…


‘Outsourcing will cost your business money, but chances are it will be cheaper than a successful cyberattack.’ Servnet


UK businesses are finding that outsourcing – when it comes to maintaining a high level of security – is the better option. It may cost your business money now, but a cyberattack is likely to cost a lot more…and not just financially.


If you are ready to outsource your security to Servnet, here’s what we can provide…

  • Application Security
  • Identity Management & Data Security
  • Network Security
  • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Planning
  • Cloud Security
  • Critical Infrastructure Security
  • End-User Education
  • Cyber Security Automation

You can find more information on our cyber security services on our Cyber Security page.

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