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As a specialist provider of Infrastructure Solutions, Servnet takes a unique approach to managing a business’s critical and non-critical data.

Does your organisation have the right edge storage resources? Here are 7 ways to improve edge storage:

1. Ensure storage fits the needs of specific edge workloads

2. Anticipate data and workload fluctuations

3. Use rugged and durable components for edge locations with extreme conditions

4. Consider space, power and cooling limitations

5. Assess how bandwidth and distance affect data storage

6. Add a security layer

7. Centrally monitor data access and movement

The arrival of 5G is expected to bring an unforeseen level of network capabilities and lightning-fast data transfer rates. Everything will be more connected in real time, all the time. So organisations will have to re-think and architect which data they want to capture, process, and keep across endpoints, edge compute and cloud.

Defining Edge Computing Design from the Endpoints

5G is going to be fast, and it will bring in new, extreme use cases. We need to think differently about edge computing and architectures optimised with the right storage for the right application.

Through our discovery interviews, we evaluate existing storage models and identify alternative technologies that will improve performance, reduce costs, lower footprints and reduce management overheads.

We architect and design solutions that will be benchmarked against project objectives, critical success factors and ROI analysis. We work closely with clients to build strategies with a strong focus on cost efficiency, risk mitigation and service improvement.

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