How cloud-based solutions can grow your business

In many ways, the arrival of the cloud has levelled the playing field for business. Today, any organisation has access to the resources and scalability that previously were only available to those with large budgets and sizable IT teams. However, with the huge amount of progress that has been made across this industry, cloud-based solutions now provide a wealth of opportunities for growth, no matter how small or large your business may be.
Improving productivity across the business

With cloud infrastructure in place, employees have seamless access to systems and files that cover every aspect of what they do and offer multiple options for improved collaboration. The ease with which staff can fulfill their roles, obtain support and access key data provides a wealth of opportunities to improve motivation, engagement and productivity across the board.


The security options provided by cloud-based solutions tend to be many times more effective and up-to-date than those that can be provided internally by a business. In the current environment, where systems are being accessed from all over the world, and the potential for a breach or attack is heightened, having effective security in place is vital to ensure business continuity and the protection of your data.


The use of the cloud means that teams can come together from multiple locations all over the world to collaborate on work and projects. Systems and data can be accessed by anyone with a WiFi connection, allowing for a more flexible model of working that has evolved due to events of the past two years. This allows for a more seamless integration between teams and can help improve efficiency across your organisation.


Cloud-based solutions ensure that your business is always going to have access to the latest version of data backup, as the “shadow” period for data is a matter of seconds. Efficiency of systems also means data can be easily retrieved and accessed to provide business continuity at all times, something that will be vital in supporting ongoing growth.


Scaling up is an essential part of extending the reach and profile of any business, something that is effectively supported by the use of cloud-based solutions. Storage requirements, for example, can be dynamically adapted to what the company needs right now, supporting instant change without a large up-front investment of time or resources.


If there is one tool that any organisation can use to stimulate growth it’s automation, and the integration of cloud computing makes this simple. Automation creates opportunities to transfer the burden of manual tasks, such as data processing or posting to social media, from human teams to IT systems, something that cloud computing makes simple and fast.


Utilsing cloud computing minimises the need to pay for costly IT support in-house, especially when it comes to problem solving and maintenance. Both of these are handled by the cloud service provider at minimal cost to the business. Cloud systems also provide access to a broad range of effective free tools and reduce the need to pay for expensive licensing and hardware.


From improved security and automation, to more streamlined and effective scaling; cloud computing supports every aspect of business growth. To find out how the team here at Servnet can help support and grow your business via the cloud, please visit our ‘Infrastructure as a Service’ page on our website, contact us via email at or call us on 0800 987 4111 and speak to one of our specialists about the services we offer.