ThinkOn does things a little differently.

With service stack solutions similar to AWS and Azure, ThinkOn offers simple cloud solutions in transparent packaging.

ThinkOn delivers critical data management and information asset protection solutions that help companies optimize their IT infrastructure investment. They help organizations leverage cloud technology to maximize compute, network, and storage resources.

According to Craig McLellan, Founder and CEO, ThinkOn there are a couple of key differentiators that set ThinkOn apart from other cloud companies:

“First and foremost, we care immensely about people’s data. All the applications that we deliver are data-centric. But we care about all aspects of the data.

The second key thing is, we believe that the ThinkOn brand is incredibly important to our customers but not something we feel compelled to extend into the general marketplace. We have a reputation for being reliable and easy to do business with. We don’t feel the need to brag.

There’s a simplicity to aligning yourself with the best technology to provide the best solutions.”

Features of ThinkOn:

Compute power: removes the rigidity of catalogued VMs from other offerings.

Storage: Includes a variety of storage options from tiered block storage to infrequent object storage.

Networking: ThinkOn’s Virtual Network provides the ability to create isolated networks, in addition to subnets, routes, public and private IP addresses, and network gateways.

Connection Type: encrypted VPN tunnel, dedicated lease line or point-to-point circuit, and MPLS connectivity. Also support Megaport

Database: supports ability to implement a database in both SQL and NoSQL; Hosted DB on VM

Data Migration: Highly efficient data seeding option.

Hardware Leasing: Dedicated bare metal offering allows clients to build private and hybrid clouds from scratch on leased hardware.

Colocation Support: Edgeconnect provides the ability to bypass the multihop process of hyper-scale clouds and extend your infrastructure into our virtual data centre using a direct connection

Pricing & Billing: Predictable Monthly Bill

Hybrid Cloud: True hybrid design

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