Why your business should be proactive about disaster recovery

Given the ever-increasing reliance businesses today have on IT processes and systems, ensuring that your organisation has integrated a well-defined approach to disaster recovery is crucial. Data risks have grown exponentially in recent years, from the rising number of cybercrime attacks to the potential for data loss or destruction that can occur from theft or physical damage to hardware. With this in mind, a robust disaster recovery plan needs to be at the forefront of every company’s agenda when it comes to future-proofing and protecting your vital business data against these potential threats. As a result, the team here at Servnet have put together a list of some of the core reasons your organisation needs to consider taking a proactive approach when it comes to disaster recovery and business continuity.


The storing of digital data is present across all industries in the modern world. Protecting it is essential, especially if such data is highly sensitive or related to personal information about clients, customers or staff. Therefore, ensuring that your IT team/ service provider has implemented a robust and streamlined disaster recovery plan is essential for business continuity. This can include elements such as data and server backups, cloud-based storage and hybrid backup solutions. The more effort that has gone into disaster recovery planning, the more you’ll be able to minimise the data that you lose and any negative after effects should such a breach occur.


Apart from losing vital data, reducing financial and time related losses is another key priority in the event of a breach or system failure. Here, a strong approach to disaster recovery can help to keep lost profits to a minimum, quickly allowing actions that will help to minimise business downtime and reducing the amount of time needed by your internal team to reconcile any breaches. Excessive downtime is often a consequence of a disaster where there is no recovery plan in place. This can also lead to significant damage to your business’ reputation, as clients and customers could lose trust in your ability to safely and securely operate and store their potentially sensitive personal data.


When there is no plan in place for disaster recovery, it’s often your clients and customers who suffer first. This can have a big impact on customer satisfaction, which is one of the foundations of building customer loyalty. Customer expectations today are high, and that includes when it comes to consistency of service delivery. For most people, those expectations won’t change in the event of a disaster, as these individuals will expect you to have a reliable and effective plan in place that protects their interests and ensures that they continue to receive a high-quality service while the issues get resolved. To minimise the risk of losing valued customers and clientele, be sure to revise existing backup contingencies your business has in place, and subsequently look to update any that fail to meet the desired standards.

By taking a proactive approach to protecting your business data and IT infrastructure, not only will it ensure that your business is able to minimise the risk of losing data and resources, but you’ll also maintain a positive reputation in the mind of your clients and customers. To find out how the team here at Servnet can help set-up your business with a reliable and effective disaster recovery system, please visit our ‘Backup & Data Recovery’ page on our website for more information, contact us via email at sales@servnetuk.com or call us on 0800 987 4111 and speak to one of our specialists about the services we offer.