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Backup as a Service (BaaS)



Backup is a full-time job that is too time consuming for the experts, and too technical for the layman. No-one ever gets promoted when it works, but it only takes one failed restore for heads to roll. Every day, our engineers monitor your backups and proactively resolve any issues to make sure that when you need them, the backups are ready. They’ve been recovering data every day for over a decade, so you’re in good hands, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

As a technology-agnostic service provider, our goal is to create the best overall solution for you. We combine backup software and cloud storage to meet your specific requirement. No technology is perfect for all uses. We’ll guide you through the differences in data protection methods, storage compatibility and licensing to determine the best fit for you. With our guidance, you choose your backup software and also your target.


Phase 1: Backup set design

The way you back up your data matters. Scheduling, retention, exclusion and deletion all have an impact on your IT environment and your ability to recover from disaster cost effectively and non-disruptively. Our technicians design a plan tailored to your unique needs.

Phase 2: Monitoring, reporting & alerting

We monitor your backups every day and report on the completion, status and health of your backup sets. We detail any errors per individual backup set and proactively resolve any individual issues.

Phase 3 : We keep a close eye on your backups to ensure BaaS is growing and changing with your organisation, and not in spite of it. You dont just get the daily  operational health of you backups monitored but also monthly technical reviews of storage growth, changes to your infrastructure and overall SLA achievement means nothing is missed.