5 reasons why it’s important to update your IT infrastructure

Implementing the right IT infrastructure is just the beginning of ensuring that your business has the resources that it needs to thrive. All software and systems will need to be updated on an ongoing basis to make sure that your organisation is not reliant on outdated versions. As a result, below we have listed 5 reasons to ensure that updating your IT infrastructure is at the top of your to do list:


Old or outdated software can be easily exploited by hackers and criminals and leaves your business very vulnerable. It’s vital to ensure that your tech and systems are updated regularly. This is especially so because every update comes with a list of vulnerabilities that have been patched, which can be a checklist for criminals to target those businesses that have not yet completed the update.


If you’re working with outdated systems, then this can cause the kinds of issues that mean you’re letting customers and clients down in terms of their expectations of the business. This can be frustrating, affect loyalty and future business and give your brand a reputation as old fashioned or out of date. Conversely, if you’re working with up-to-date IT, everyone can enjoy a much smoother experience and you’ll be able to optimise how you serve your customer base.


Every new version of software offers more features and options and this can provide opportunities for your business to enjoy greater efficiency, whether that relates to collaboration or user experience. If you’re not staying on top of your updates then you’re not getting the most from the investment that you’ve made in your IT in the first place.


Software developers intend their systems to be regularly updated and if you’re not doing this then there may come a point where you find that outdated software causes compatibility issues. For example, if you’re still running a Windows 2003 server then you may have found that a recent Windows 10 update was incompatible because certain features had been removed by Microsoft. This can cause huge headaches for your staff and create internal chaos that is easily avoided by simply staying up to date.


Yes, keeping up with the latest IT can be an expensive process, however, it’s often preferable to trying to work with older systems that are continuously letting you down because they are just no longer fit for purpose. Unstable systems and software can cause a great deal of disruption, interrupting business continuity and damaging relationships with customers, clients and staff. It’s simply not worth the risk to either profit or reputation to open your business up to issues like this because your IT infrastructure is out of date.

Whether for security, efficiency, supporting high standards of customer service or from the perspective of compatibility, regularly updating your IT infrastructure is vital for any business. To find out how our specialist team here at Servnet can help with updating or managing your IT infrastructure, contact us via email at sales@servnetuk.com or call us on 0800 987 4111 and speak to one of our specialists.