Is your company safe in 2023?

Despite the endless memes and the ever-growing awareness surrounding the dangers of cyber attacks, there are still too many victims of cyber crime. It’s a problem that won’t go away ‘experts have warned that IoT cyber-attacks may double by 2025’ with businesses left to deal with the implications of this. 2023 will see a fresh new wave, hackers and cyber criminals will become emboldened by the implications of the recession and the hope that companies will cut back on cyber security. So, when it comes to cyber crime, simply ‘hoping it doesn’t happen to you’ is no longer a viable option…


Is your company safe in 2023?

Regardless of the size of your business, big or small, keeping your systems protected and your data safe is a must in these modern times. As your business grows, so does the threat to your infrastructure. The methods involved in cyber attacks are ever evolving, criminals are becoming savvier and attacks harder to spot…until it’s too late. To be clear, it’s not just larger companies that are a high risk of attack – small to medium sized businesses will struggle to defend themselves if they have insufficient security measures, are attacked frequently or the attack itself is highly targeted. It is of the upmost importance that IT teams understand and articulate the potential targets of attacks and the possible consequence to businesses. Minimising the threat of future attacks will require an understanding of the gravity of the situation…at the very least.

‘Cyber security is an extremely important area which should be covered by all businesses whether they are small businesses or large corporations. Having cyber security consultants and access to the tools required to protect your business is crucial. Without this vital information businesses are at risk and can be penetrated by various attack methods by other states, organisations or individuals.’ 


The threat of phishing (social engineering) attacks is one of the most common, but this does not mean

that companies are ready for them.


Phishing is not just a tech problem… it’s a human problem.

Anyone in your company could become a victim of phishing which means keeping your data and systems safe should be a company-wide initiative. It’s true, not every member of your team will be equally at risk, which is why training and awareness needs to reflect the needs of your staff. That said, it’s not just the safety of your business that is at stake:  ‘The cost of a successful phishing attack could include lost data, disruption, downtime, lost revenue and even reputational damage to your business, but this list should also include the personal safety and wellbeing of your staff.’  Claire Sparrow – Servnet Team

Keeping your business safe and your staff alert during office hours and beyond, means arming them with the knowledge to avoid becoming a victim of Phishing, Vishing and Smishing (Email, Calls and SMS Messaging attack).

‘With the Servnet team we have cyber security specialists that can provide consultancy and access to the tools required to overcome the potential risk and exposure your business has to the increasing cyber security threats. The aim of the Servnet Cyber Security is to ensure your assets, data and information is secure and protected from those seeking to harm organisations and individuals.’


Is the increase in remote working and cloud use creating more risk?

Having access to the cloud has created options for remote working and of course data accessibility – this is no bad thing. There was a time when the cloud may not have been more secure than on-premise options but that is not the case today. In fact, for most enterprises the cloud is a more secure choice. Providers are much more likely to be up to date with the latest systems and techniques for enhancing security. At Servnet, we focus on ensuring that we offer the best possible protection for clients. Making sure a breach in security does not result in a loss of business, trust and of profits – this is paramount.

‘Servnet IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) is designed specifically for the infrastructure needs of the dynamic, contemporary business. It is an enterprise-grade cloud platform that has been built from scratch to meet key objectives, including security, performance, and scalability.’

So we ask you again… Is your company safe in 2023?

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