Cyber crime: keeping your business one step ahead

Cyber criminals don’t logon and clock off between the hours of 9-5. Data threat / loss can arise at any time of the day or night – which means that the best type of security is 24/7 and ever evolving. At Servnet we take the risk to your data and systems extremely seriously, we understand and constantly assess this risk so that you don’t have to. Our job is to keep you one step ahead and to provide a full service in the case of a disaster. Here’s how we keep your data safe:

  • Primary data is replicated and held by a disaster recovery service provider in a different location
  • Regular data snapshots are included so that there is no data loss during failover.
  • This switch is swift and responsive, helping to preserve the kind of business continuity that is vital to ongoing operations – avoiding downtime is the primary goal.
  • Once the disaster event has passed and access returns to the primary site. Primary data replication begins again immediately so that there is no drop in protection should another problem arise.

‘Servnet disaster recovery response is swiftly implemented and ensures that your business has the support it needs to achieve continuity.’


I’m not a bank or a large company, is my business really at risk?

Any business, regardless of the industry, is at constant risk of a cyber attack. Some industries are more vulnerable to cyber attacks than others, simply due to the nature of their business. That said, if you have data then you could be subject to a data breach – it’s that simple. Data is a valuable asset to cyber criminals and they will go to great lengths to access yours. It’s not just credit card information – health records, intellectual property, financial records, academic research and of course names, addresses and billing information is just a fraction of what cyber criminals will attempt to gain access to.

‘At ServNet we offer a range of detection services including a vulnerability assessment, Cyber-Security Threat Detection and Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, GDPR – Portal Assessment, Phishing Awareness. Cyber Essentials Assurance & Compliance.’


I’m a victim of a cyber attack, what do I do now?

Prevention is always better than a cure – this should be the approach you take to protect your business from cybercrime. Forward planning and creating a robust process of assessing, planning and implementing of the tools required to protect your organisation against attack is key. In the event of a successful attack, where data has been breached and/or your systems compromised, having backup and recovery can mean the difference between a disaster that can be rectified and one with everlasting repercussions. Where there has been a breach, Servnet can deploy and manage advanced data recovery 24/7, enabling your organisation to be responsive to ongoing security challenges that require immediate action. Our experience covers more than three decades and includes working with leading providers.

‘We provide total peace of mind in the event of a disaster, enabling rapid recovery of physical and virtual machines; plus, essential business continuity testing on-demand. If your business is facing a potential disaster event, Disaster Recovery as a Service ensures that you have the interests of employees, customers and stakeholders covered.

You can find more information on our cyber security services on our Cyber Security page.

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