The key benefits of using Microsoft 365 for business

Microsoft 365 is a productivity suite that is designed to make it easier for organisations to connect and collaborate, allowing employees to function well in the roles no matter where they are working from. All the tools within Microsoft 365 are designed to integrate and together provide a seamless approach to improving productivity in the workplace. If you’ve yet to discover what this can do for your business these are some of the key benefits.

  • Cloud storage creates agility. Microsoft 365 offers cloud-based file storage that means essential documents and data can be accessed from anywhere. Where mobile working is a key function of the business Microsoft 365 enables this effectively, providing access as long as there is an internet connection.
  • Effective security measures. Choose Microsoft 365 and it comes with a whole range of security features that ensure only those who are supposed to be accessing files and data can do it. This includes two-factor authentication, threat detection and anti-malware.
  • Disaster recovery. With all files and data stored in the cloud you have access to robust back-ups and recovery features for files and emails.
  • Going beyond Skype and Outlook. Your business can keep communication channels open with Microsoft 365, as the suite is designed to make this easy on many different levels. Skype is the platform used for video and conference calls, both internal and external, while Teams provides an instant messaging function that can improve team collaboration. Yammer is another feature that functions like a social media platform – posting on the newsfeed can be used as a way to reach the entire workforce. The package has every form of communication covered and offers a seamless, integrated approach.
  • Per user, per month subscription. The cost of Microsoft 365 is entirely predictable and easy to factor into budgets, as it is based on a per user, per month subscription. Upgrades come within the cost of the licence and won’t incur any additional expenses. Plus, you can change the set up at any time and upgrade or downgrade depending on your current need.
  • Upgrades are automatic. Software that hasn’t been regularly updated is often the point of vulnerability where hackers and cyber criminals find their way into business systems. That is never a risk with Microsoft 365, as upgrades are carried out automatically and aren’t the responsibility of your business. As these are included in the monthly fee there is no need to factor in the cost of new software.
  • A range of collaborative tools. Sharing takes place across many mediums with Microsoft 365, from calendars to contacts and editing functions within documents. Transparency means that you can always see who is editing documents or making changes and trace back a chain of custody where necessary. Greater collaboration provides businesses with many more options, especially where flexible working is concerned.

Microsoft 365 offers a whole range of benefits, from security and disaster recovery measures to flexibility, finance and scalability to suit the very individual needs of your business.