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The Cloud: From scepticism to ubiquity…but is it right for you?

There was a time when the notion of sharing personal pictures and information on the Internet would cause concern – then social media came along and made that ordinary. There was a time when we were too scared to enter financial information online, the pandemic changed everything, and we all became avid internet shoppers. At […]

Can your company survive the perfect storm?

Navigating Increased Cyber Attacks and IT Skills Shortage. Protect Your Data… It’s 2023 and the demand for IT support is increasing at a rate of knots… This is no surprise – with technology playing an increasingly important role across all industries, IT talent is being sought by businesses both big and small. What’s more, the […]


Are your remote staff ready for a cyber attack?

The world of work has changed, that’s a fact. With the pandemic came the need to distance. Businesses both large and small were forced to create new policies and adopt a much more flexible approach to where and how their staff could work. With this flexibility came a new level of risk.  ‘The need to […]


Cyber crime: keeping your business one step ahead

Cyber criminals don’t logon and clock off between the hours of 9-5. Data threat / loss can arise at any time of the day or night – which means that the best type of security is 24/7 and ever evolving. At Servnet we take the risk to your data and systems extremely seriously, we understand […]


Is your company safe in 2023?

Despite the endless memes and the ever-growing awareness surrounding the dangers of cyber attacks, there are still too many victims of cyber crime. It’s a problem that won’t go away ‘experts have warned that IoT cyber-attacks may double by 2025’ with businesses left to deal with the implications of this. 2023 will see a fresh […]